Self care sets us free.

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Using authenticity, insight, and enthusiasm, Lady Lorie guides you on your path, delivering messages witnessed from the Divine through ritual, reading, and mediation. Co-create your future with Lady Lorie today!

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“A card reading with Lorie is a very magical experience. Lorie has an amazing ability to intuit the path that you will benefit from taking and to guide your understanding of where you currently are. I left my most recent reading with the sense that all will be okay and that I am capable of all that I desire.” - Tori
"My reading with Lorie came at a perfect time. I was feeling discouraged about my life path.... Lorie's intuitive, loving, and calming energy instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. She helped me see aspects of my life by asking strategic questions. I left my reading feeling positive, hopeful and validated… I recommend Lorie to anyone seeking guidance!” – Jeanne
“Lorie reads the four card spread with joy and compassion. Her reading aligned with many of my aspirations and provided even deeper insight into both present and future endeavours. This reading allowed me to be truly present in my life and honour all parts of it. Her questions resonated with me and this rippled for days afterwards. I recommend her Oracle reading without reservations” - Peter
“Lorie’s cheerful and warm demeanour was so welcoming and set the tone for an outstanding reading. Every step of the way she made sure I was comfortable and took the time to explain her process. Prior to the reading I was not sure what to expect. I went into the experience with an open mind and with the flip of the first card my eyes started to water. I resonated so deeply with each card and felt as though they solidified my current aspirations... I left the reading feeling positive and empowered. I had a huge smile on my face and was in awe of the experience. I honestly still am. Lorie has an amazing gift and I’m so glad to have gotten to experience it.” - Liv
"Our conversations always make me feel so alive" - Martina

Mystic Mother's Mission

Fuelled by passion and intuition, Mystic Mother’s mission is to help individuals access their inner strength and meet their authentic selves. We believe that we are all on this journey of awakening together and we wish to guide everyone in unlocking their genius zone by teaching the power of self care.

Lady Lorie uses many different modalities to guide you on this journey to yourself; accessing messages from the Universe using Oracle Cards is the foundation of her practice. Lady Lorie is a graduate of the Intuition and Psychic Development Advanced program at Toronto Psychic Services, a certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Horse Wisdom Yoga instructor. She has studied crystal healing, meditation, art therapy, aura reading and many other spiritual practices and aspires to bring these teachings to all that are willing to accept them. 

The Mystic Mother invites you to hear what your heart wants you to know —