About Mystic Mother

Mystic Mother began with the vision to bring Lady Lorie’s readings to a larger platform. It became clear very early on that the network of individuals who were awakening to their spiritual journeys was far greater than anyone could have anticipated, so we moved forward with the goal of helping individuals access their inner strength. We wish to help everyone unlock their genius zone by teaching the power of self care, with the intention of creating a world of consciously aware individuals that shine their light brightly. 

We use Oracle cards as self care tools, teaching the profound effect that taking time to yourself can have in creating a better future. We invite you to take the time to process and understand how you feel and get to know yourself truly, no matter where you are in your personal journey. 

Mystic Mother radiates with the understanding that each and everyone of us is a work in progress until we take our last breath. One has never finished their healing journey; it is not a destination — it is the path to your authentic self, ever evolving throughout this lifetime.

What is Special About Mystic Mother?

Fuelled by passion and intuition, Mystic Mother’s mission is to help individuals access their inner strength and meet their authentic selves. We believe in teaching the power of intentions, words and actions as living seeds cast into the field of potential. Lady Lorie uses many different modalities to guide you on this journey of self care; accessing messages from the Universe using Oracle Cards is the foundation of her practice. 

Lady Lorie is a graduate of the Intuition and Psychic Development Advanced program at Toronto Psychic Services, a certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Horse Wisdom Yoga instructor. She has studied crystal healing, meditation, art therapy, aura reading and many other spiritual practices and aspires to bring these teachings to all that are willing to accept them. 

The Mystic Mother invites you to hear what your heart wants you to know.

About Lady Lorie

Lady Lorie has been on a healing journey for over 20 years and she firmly believes we are all a work in progress. It was her spiritual awakening while in Thailand in 2015 that served to begin her mission to share her gifts of intuition, guidance, and unconditional love with a greater audience. She began offering Oracle card readings to those close to her while she embarked on a quest to gain knowledge in myriad healing specialties. Now, she comes to us with a strong platform of training to bring her gifts to all individuals that are ready to accept them. 

Lady Lorie is a graduate of the Intuition and Psychic Development Advanced program at Toronto Psychic Services, where she received one-on-one mentoring from famed psychic medium Selina Khan. She studied crystal healing with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, a unique teacher of Tsalagi, Nyingma and Drikung Kagyu lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Lady Lorie is a certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (energy healer), and a certified Horse Wisdom Yoga instructor, integrating the power of nature and animals into yoga practice. She also studied Meditation Techniques and Practices, Sutras and Abhidharma/Buddhist Psychology with Rev. Andrew Blake, co-founder of the Sarna Institute. Lady Lorie is currently taking the Soul Success Unleashed Clairvoyant, Channeling and Healing program with renowned Soul Success Mentor Jen Gilchrist and will soon be offering aura readings.

Through her training, Lady Lorie has especially honed in on her abilities as an intuitive coach. She teaches people how to tap into their intuition to discover their unique life purpose. She works principally with Oracle cards as a method of putting the intangible forces of our lives into our own palms. She invites you now, with open arms, to join her on our collective healing journey.

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About Our Site

You will find in navigating this online platform that there is a repetition of four. All products are chosen in groups of four for a divine purpose. Numerology teaches us that a repeated four is essential in maintaining physical stability in our spiritual journeys. When we delve into the greater spiritual journey we must be sure to stay grounded in the earth that we are all born onto and that we are all made up of. 

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