Oracle Readings

Q: What should I expect from a reading with Lady Lorie?
A: Each reading is as unique as the individual who is receiving it. That being said, readings are a one-on-one experience, where Lady Lorie uses Oracle cards to channel messages to the individual she is working with. Her practice is entirely positive, and the goal of a session is to inspire open conversation about an individual’s own journey.
Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare?
A: You do not have to do anything before your reading! Some clients find that setting an intention for the reading or doing some meditation in their own time helps them feel more comfortable, but this is certainly not required.
Q: Should I bring anything with me to the reading?
A: You do not need to bring anything. If there is an item that helps you feel safe or comfortable, you are more than welcome to bring that along. You may also take pictures of your cards or take a recording of your reading for your own memory but we ask that you do not distribute these after your reading.
Q: Do you do online readings?
A: Yes! Lady Lorie understands that there are individuals that may not be able to receive a reading in person at the Mystic Mother home base. If this is the case, we will schedule our reading through an online video-conferencing platform like Zoom. We welcome all individuals to readings and are happy to support them no matter their circumstances!


Shop and Online Purchases

Q: Why did a product that I saw get removed from the Shop?
A: Our shop changes every month! We want to make shopping as easy as possible, while still making as many different products available to our kindred community. Every month, we choose 4 different crystals, tapestries, and card decks that are available in limited quantity and for a limited time. Our artwork section will also have exclusive items that may only be available for one customer, but it also has items that you can personalize. Some products may return to our store, so we encourage our kindred community to check back often to see these changes!
Q: Can I pay in person for my reading when I book online?
A: No. While we understand that some clients feel more comfortable with an in-person transaction, due to limited time slots, a booking downpayment is required. If you have any questions about your booking process, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to come up with a solution!
Q: Can I purchase a gift card? 
A: Yes! Please visit our Store page to purchase your gift card or click here! Our gift cards can be used for all online purchases, including Oracle Card readings, Events, Group Bookings and our many exciting products.