Oracle Card Readings

The universe calls to us in many unseen ways. The power of Oracle readings is that they provide a special translation of the cosmic knowledge that we are trying to take into ourselves. Lady Lorie specializes in intuiting and interpreting these messages through Oracle cards. 

Oracle cards are guidance tools, they allow us to gain perspective on our personal journey and reveal answers about ourselves. While Oracle cards are highly accessible and anyone can use them in their own daily practice, receiving guidance from an expert can help hone in on the specific messages that you need to hear. This is where Lady Lorie comes in.

 Lady Lorie is a heart connector, she helps you hear what your heart wants you to know. She has the unique ability to make clients feel safe which allows their defences to release, creates trust, and opens the heart to share its message. She works closely with individuals to discover what their personal journey looks like and what they need to carry along with them on this journey. 

Just as no two individuals are the same, neither are any two readings the same. They are as unique and individual as the clients who are called to work with Lady Lorie. It all depends where you are on your journey of self discovery. Explore the offerings below!

Three Card Spread (30 Minutes)

In this reading, you will pull three cards that give you insight into your past, present and future journey. Lady Lorie will walk you through the messaging of each card and discuss their meanings. This reading is an overview of your spiritual journey, and will help you understand your current situation. It is great for beginners, those who need a quick reminder of their direction, and anyone who is looking for a brief introduction to their life’s path.

Four Card Spread (60 Minutes)

In our most popular reading, you will choose four cards that represent where you are on your path. Lady Lorie takes time to intuit deeper messaging from each card and provides healings for any information that comes forward. You will have full access to the decks in Lady Lorie’s repertoire and the freedom to choose which one speaks to you. If you are looking for a more meaningful understanding of your spiritual journey, this reading is for you!

Six to Eight Card Spread (90 Minutes)

In this profound reading, Lady Lorie guides you through the six to eight cards that you choose to fully understand what they mean for you and your spiritual journey. She uses essential oils and crystals throughout the reading to help channel messages and to provide healing for any information that comes forward. This is the full Mystic Mother experience — immerse yourself in the nurturing guidance of the cards and of Lady Lorie’s wisdom. If you are at a crossroads in your life, are embarking on a new and unfamiliar path, or are looking for deeper guidance on your journey, this reading will provide you with the tools to move forward holistically!

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