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End of Life Ritual for your Beloved Pet

Lady Lorie’s connection to animals is deep and profound; this deep love of animals led her to create an end of life ritual to honour them. She has created a beautiful, healing ritual that helps you as the pet owner to honour and thank your pet. 

The last thing a pet ever wishes to do is leave you. They will often hide their pain to help you because they love without condition and never wish for you to be in pain. This ritual allows both you and your family as well as the pet to transition knowing that they fulfilled their mission this lifetime. They loved you and were an important part of a chapter of your life. Lady Lorie guides you to view your life from your pets eyes, what happened in their lifetime, how did they support the family, what funny stories do you have, whose lives did they touch, what were their favorite things, what made them uniquely them. 


  • Flowers and leading of a lay ceremony 
  • Love letters to your pet
  • The last day - doing their favorite things
  • Transitioning in their favorite place (partnership with Wings With Hearts)
  • Akashic Record and Aura Reading with Lady Lorie 


Flower Service available for $50 extra fee